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Private lessons also online in addition to face-to-face. Book Now to sign up for an online trial lesson.
Safeguarding You and our Teachers - Expectations: By joining an online Zoom video session with one of our teachers you have agreed to our updated Safeguarding Policy. 

Work With Us
Become a Speech and Drama Teacher with PTO


Why become a PTO teacher?


You have the freedom to work for other companies alongside PTO teaching

Working Creatives Welcome

We encourage all current working creative applicants; actors, directors, etc.

School and Private Teaching

Opportunities to teach in school groups and private 1-1 lessons

Competitive Pay

Hourly teaching pay plus preparation hours and travel pay

LAMDA Examinations

Gain a brilliant skill set in teaching the prestigious and popular examinations in performance and communication

Team Effort

Work closely and learn from your fellow teachers in preparing classes and guiding your students to achieve their best

PTO teachers’ point of view…

“PTO has helped me to sustain both an acting and teaching career… I have gained a lot of knowledge in terms of the training delivered by PTO and the general support with the lesson plan structure across the terms... I have learned new exercises and games from all the teachers I've worked with at PTO and am definitely a much better teacher as a result of the support from the whole team.”Georgina Periam – PTO School and Private teacher and workshop leader
“PTO has been such a positive addition to my life over the past year and a half. I love a having a job I genuinely enjoy and care about when I am not performing. I get to use all my skills and creativity and make a positive difference to young people's lives at the same time. My students' openness and passion is a constant source of inspiration!”Jessica Bastick-Vines – PTO School teacher

Pull the Other Speech and Drama Educations: “Committed Freelance Teaching and Facilitating as a Working Actor, Director or Theatre Practitioner” Policy.

1.1 ​Pull the Other Speech and Drama Education only works with Drama UK accredited trained actors, directors or theatre practitioners so understand that when auditions or acting/directing jobs come up then that is a priority to our freelance teachers. Pull the Other Speech and Drama Education is a private educational establishment with high standards to maintain.  With children and young people relying on the stability of the same teacher each week or for the duration of a full workshop, it is important that Pull the Other Speech and Drama Education’s freelance teachers and facilitators are dedicated and committed to the quality of their teaching and to their students.

2. For weekly term time and/or workshop weeks or days contractually bound freelance teachers.

2.1​ Freelance teachers will always need to give at least 5 full working days’ notice of any single lesson you might need covering as and when auditions or jobs arise.

2.2​ If you need to leave lessons for two or more weeks at a time then it is your responsibility to help source your cover if Pull the Other Theatre Education is not able to provide direct cover at first instance.

2.3 ​In situations where you are needing to take leave for more than three weeks you will need to give three working term weeks’ notice directly to Pull the Other Theatre Education who then reserves the right to give notice on the current held position of its freelance employee. However, this does not mean that they cannot return to work with Pull the Other Theatre Education on other occasions or in the same position in the future.

2.4​ When cover is attained it is the contractually bound freelance teacher's responsibility to brief the cover teacher through phone conversation and emails of material and lesson plans.

2.5 ​Subsequently pay is not given for any lessons missed.

2.6 ​Where cover is attained pay will be issued to the contractually bound freelance teacher for 2 hours standard preparation of the cover week/day(s) and lasting no more than two weeks for a term time weekly post. It is then the cover teacher’s responsibility to take over the preparation. In some circumstances, the contractually bound freelance teacher may be asked to continue prepping lessons and the 2 hours prep pay will be paid to them.