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Private lessons also online in addition to face-to-face. Book Now to sign up for an online trial lesson.
Safeguarding You and our Teachers - Expectations: By joining an online Zoom video session with one of our teachers you have agreed to our updated Safeguarding Policy. 

About us

Co-founded by Principal Rachel Nussbaum in 2012 with the aim of ‘giving students the opportunity to experience speech and drama training like I was lucky to have but, also to provide certain training I wish I had, had!’ PTO over the years has transformed into having both performance as well as communication education at the core of the school's training and practice.

By working with and learning from outstanding professionals who offer our top-grade training in voice, movement and writing for performance and presentation we provide our students with the best grounding for their creative journeys and development for future opportunities in whichever career field they wish to pursue.


Our Ethos

At PTO Speech and Drama Education it is our duty to empower our students’ voices, bodies and minds to expand their life’s horizons and broaden their future possibilities.

We train and work to keep our students safe, support them and provide them with a platform to be their best self.

Each student will learn how to articulate themselves with vocal and physical confidence and to move through life with self-assurance no matter what disciplines they choose to train in.

We will encourage our students to the best of their ability providing outstanding training in all speech and drama disciplines, honing talent and inspiring them to go further.

Our students become well-balanced, expressive, knowledgeable and imaginative leaders and team players, who know how to approach and challenge situations with strength, creativity and integrity.