Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

You can download this safeguarding policy by clicking here.

Pull the Other Speech and Drama Education is committed to being a safe organisation in regard to child protection and safeguarding children. All freelance staff have an obligation to safeguard and promote the welfare and well-being of all children and young people whom they have contact with, whether directly or indirectly, and whose needs must be the first and paramount consideration. (Children Act 1989, Education Act 2002, Education and Inspections Act 2006).

Pull the Other Speech and Drama Education has a rigorous recruitment process and the identity of all freelance staff is checked thoroughly.

In every school that Pull the Other Speech and Drama Education work in they adhere to the individual school’s child protection and safeguarding policy. Each freelance staff member who works in a particular school has read and signed that school’s safeguarding policies and are aware of individual schools protocols for child protection and safeguarding.

Each freelance staff member has:

  • Updated safeguarding training that is renewed every 2 years
  • An online DBS whereby the individual schools and Pull the Other Speech and Drama Education
  • Regularly check the relevant freelance staff online DBS status
  • Valid public liability insurance.

Updated: 3rd July 2018

By: Rachel Nussbaum (Sole-trader and Principle of Pull the Other Speech and Drama Education)